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UXvizer adapts to your needs while highlighting your expertise.

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How does it work?

UXvizer is very easy to use, so it saves you time.

4 reasons to use UXvizer

It is simple

Simply upload a recording of the screen or images.

It's immediate

The results of the analysis point out potential blockages on the visual level and on the route level.

It's green

Goodbye to big data and the collection of hours of video to analyse a journey. A single video provides a lot of information.

It's repeatable

All it takes is a video, no UX lab, cameras or users to optimise the user experience.

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Who better to talk about us than our customers!

Your tool precisely meets my need for support on the UI-UX aspect where existing solutions do not go as far in explaining interface quality problems.

Arthur Weil Founder Web&Cow​

It is also an excellent inter-team communication tool for translating design specifications to the developers.

Leila Rolland Senior UX Designer at Scalian

Your tool does for me all the hard work and allows me to focus on the added value of my job. I want to be your pilot and I push my management to adopt your product.

Maud Rihouet Senior UX Designer at NIJI

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