Unique UX & UI insights

Combine screen time and difficulty of use

  • Instantly identify imbalances in the user journey


  • View the pattern of waiting times and their duration.


  • Point to contexts.

Revisit with an informed eye the user journey

  • See at a glance the stages of the journey.


  • Discover unusual and behaviours.


  • Identify potential pain points and improve user experience and their satisfaction.

Make sure your texts are readable

  • Ensure the legibility of your texts
  • View the contrast recommendations according to the international w3.org rules.
  • Improve the contrasts framed in red.
  • Get an overall score on the quality of your contrasts.

Ensure a consistent visual identity

  • Check the colour consistency of the screens on your course.


  • Discover the colour palettes extracted from your solution and instantly visualise atypical ones

Get an automatic report of the analysis

  • A report of the analysis will be automatically created.
  • Get accurate recommendations and eliminate costly design errors.
  • The report is editable, you can add visuals, text and share it.

Share your analysis

  • Share your analysis with a link. Even employees who do not have an UXvizer license can access the analysis.