Improve quality of your digital user experience in under 15 minutes

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Our mission is to make UX Audit and Quality Insights accessible to all companies. Interested in our AI-powered product?

Our Product

Unique features to improve the quality of your digital solutions.

User journey analysis

Understand where a user has a bad experience.

User interface audit

Focus on revealed problems to make improvements.


Our product is (almost) universal.

For every digital solution​

Mockups, websites, softwares or mobile applications.

For everyone

Useful for marketing teams, product managers or designers.


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Save time and resources

A fast way to auditing quality of user experience and interface.

How it works

Only 3 steps in under 15 minutes.

User screen recording

Record the full user journey, regardless of browser or device (≃ 3 to 5 min).

Content evaluation

Our artificial intelligence analyzes and evaluates the key points (≃ 2 to 10 min).

Visual restitution

Tadam, you can now enjoy the result! Everything will be in your hands.

Uses cases

We can help in several ways.

Draft validation

Correct imperfections and problems in advance.


Objectively compare solutions to those of competitors.

Continuous audit

Detect regressions and improvements along the way.

Justify the need to invest

Bring tangible elements to defend a UX budget internally.

Our Team

Nice to meet you 🙂

Julien Peyras

Julien Peyras

Chief Executive Officer

Camille Saumard

Camille Saumard

Chief Scientific Officer

Yvan Laborderie

Yvan Laborderie

Chief Marketing Officer

Wajdi Farhani

Wajdi Farhani

Lead developper

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Not yet! Our solution is still in closed beta. We are making huge steps towards a release for everyone. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are interested, subscribe 📬 to our product newsletter.

Our product figures out several innovations:
• it summarizes the user journey;
• it tracks inactive and wasted time;
• it highlights UI flaws and guide you towards improvements;
• and many more incredible features…
And guess what, the product core is based on unique and proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.

The main difference is that we are not a quantitative analytics tool. We offer a universal, automatic and fast product (no tag integration, no minimum visitor volume, etc.).
Our product is complementary to what already exists since it allows to reveal and to point out the problems and possible improvements.

We are proud to be based in Rennes, France 🇫🇷. And because we care about security we store everything near us in Europe 🇪🇺.

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