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User Experience Research

How many users are necessary to evaluate usability?

The question about the number of users necessary to get enough feedback on your interface quality comes up every time one instigates a testing process. Do I need 5, 15, 30, 80 or thousands of users to improve my interface

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Global Announcements

Calendrier de l’avent

UXvizer vous propose un calendrier de l’avent non pas chocolaté, mais rempli de bonnes pratiques dans le monde de l’expérience utilisateur 🥳

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Rule n°1: Contrast ratio

The rule’s objective is to get enough contrast between the text and its background, with the aim that everybody can read it.

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Business Intelligence

UX Benchmark, with a touch of Science

Competition is fierce between publishers of software solutions, applications, and websites. Everyone performs the best they can to guarantee an excellent quality of experience for

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